Twist, Sip, & Go!

A "No-Touch" Reusable Straw with a Built-in Twist Cap


The Most Useful Reusable Straw...Ever!

Every Day Carry, All-In-One Spill Proof Cap and Straw


Perfect for: Gym, Car, Airplane, Boat, Bike, Office, and messy kids.

ZippyCap Goes Wherever You Go!

It weighs less than 1.5oz and is the size of a car key-fob!

Anatomy of a ZippyCap

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Unscrew from Case

Straw will magically expand on its own.

Push Firmly Down and Screw onto Bottle

Fits most bottles, and straw will bend to fit inside shorter ones.

Twist Open Top Germ Shield to Reveal Straw

Pull straw up for airtight fit or down to allow more airflow for carbonated drinks.

Use with Cups and Tumblers Too!

Remove the straw by pulling out from the bottom of the cap. Use separately as a standard straw.


Rinse Straw and Cap First

Rinse it and squeegee it out if on the go. If at home we suggest to disassemble and give it a deep clean. How to clean tutorial.

Fold, Push, and Screw

Fold straw in half and then in half again. Push and tuck straw firmly into case. Push and screw securely onto case.

Store It!

Attach it to your keychain, bag, or stow it away in your car.

Spill-Proof Cap

Fits most standard store-bought bottles.

Our rubber-like stopper provides additional support inside the bottle.

Twist Top Blocks Germs & Spills

Twist the very top part of ZippyCap to reveal the silicone straw when ready to drink.

Twist it back to protect the straw from germs and spills when not in use.

Self-Expanding Food-Grade Straw

Our "No-Touch" straw is soft and flexible and will expand or bend to fit inside tall or short bottles without you needing to touch it.

3-in-1 Silicone Straw

1. Pull straw up for an air-tight sport water bottle function.

2. Pull straw down one click to allow air-flow for carbonated drinks.

3. Remove straw from cap and use separately as a traditional straw in cups, cans, and other bottles.

Made In USA & Good for the Planet

ZippyCap is actually MADE in the USA.

That means we can personally oversee all aspects of safety and quality.

When you buy a ZippyCap & Straw you help rid the planet of single use plastic straws.

All our packaging is made from recycled paper and plastic.

Durable and long lasting, we offer a cleaning kit to allow a deep cleaning, so it can be reused for years.

Every Day Carry

ZippyCap attaches to your keychain or bag with the included storage case and stainless steel clip.

Always have Zippycap handy in case you need to turn a beverage bottle into a sport bottle or spill proof tumbler.

ZippyCap...Twist, Sip & Go

Please Remember to Recycle Your Beverage Bottles!


Made in the U.S.A.

We value the environment, safety, and American jobs. ZippyCap is a quality product proudly manufactured, assembled, packaged, and shipped from the Tri-State area in the U.S.A.


No More Single Use Plastic Straws

Single use plastic straws are filling our oceans and hurt sea creatures. When you purchase a ZippyCap & Straw you are helping rid the world of this ocean-bound plastic waste!


Recycling Awareness

Our customers have claimed that ZippyCap helps them remember to recycle the beverage bottles they use it with. Recycle more bottles with ZippyCap.