Hello, my name is Allison Szap and I am a speech language pathologist and a mom of two boys, and the Owner/CEO and founder of ZippyPlanet, LLC. and we are happy to launch our first patent pending product, ZippyCap®. Like many people before us we had a problem, and looked for a solution but there was nothing on the market that met our needs. We are always on the go and we were looking for a compact and convenient eco-friendly straw that also provided us with a spill-proof feature so we could take our store bought beverage bottles on the go. During the recent events we have also realized the importance of keeping everything germ free, and so we also wanted something that could be used in a "touch-free" manner.
This is where ZippyCap was born.
Its unique application allows a person to drink from almost any standard beverage bottle with no concern of messy spills with a straw always in the bottle. It also provides a germ-free experience during the application of the product as well as during it's use. After years of research, design, tweaking, and prototyping we actually were able to create a product that solved all our needs, and could be made in the US with recycled plastic materials, to boot!
ZippyCap will make your life a little easier while also making the planet a cleaner place! Since we use only high quality food grade materials, sourced in the USA, our product is easy-to-clean and will last a long time. It completely replaces single use plastic straws. 
Our mission:
  1. To provide a convenient, germ/touch-free solution for on the go straw-lovers to drink easier from any store bought water/soda bottle.
  2. To reduce the amount of single use plastic straws from our oceans and landfills through the use of our reusable silicone straws.
  3. To raise awareness of recycling of store bought plastic bottles that ZippyCap is designed to fit.


We are a 1% for the Planet member and donate 1% of all our revenue to charities that are dedicated to removing plastic and other waste from oceans. We are working with our manufactures to source this same plastic waste in our resins used to make ZippyCap. We want ZippyCap to be made from the same bottles it is designed to fit on.