Safety, How To Use, Cleaning, and Helpful Information


How To Use ZippyCap

Unscrew From Case

The straw will magically expand on its own! 


With the Germ Shield in the CLOSED position Push Firmly Down and Screw onto your Bottle

It is important to make sure ZippyCap is in the closed position (straw is hidden under cap) while pushing and screwing onto the bottle or else liquid will leak out of the straw.


Twist Open Top Germ Shield to Reveal Straw

Pull straw UP for airtight fit or DOWN to allow more airflow for carbonated drinks.

Use with Cups and Tumblers Too!

Remove the straw by pulling out from the bottom of the cap. Use separately as a standard straw.


How To Store: 

Fold, Push, and Screw

After rinsing and drying parts, fold straw in half and then in half again. Push and tuck straw firmly into case. Push and screw securely onto case.



It is recommend that you clean the ZippyCap, ZippyStraw, the case and let all parts completely air dry after each use. Cleaning kits and brushes are sold separately and recommended to get inside the small spaces and straw inside.

We also made it possible to remove the top twisting germshield if you want to get an "under the hood" deeper clean. Putting it back together is also a snap! See below for instructions.

Hand washing is recommended for a better clean. We don't recommend cleaning in the dishwasher as it will not get inside the cap or straw.


Clean On The Go:

  1. While on the go simply pull the straw from the cap.
  2. Rinse out the straw and cap thoroughly under warm water.
  3. Shake straw and cap dry. If you purchased cleaning tools you can use a straw brush or squeegee to pull out excess water from inside the straw.
  4. Reinsert the straw into the cap using a TWISTING motion: Guide the tip of the straw up through the BOTTOM of the cap stopper and out the straw hole. Push the straw up until the first or second ridges are inside the cap stopper.


Clean Deeper At Home:

We recommend a deeper cleaning at home after use (especially with sugary drinks). We recommend a cleaning kit with straw or bottle brushes to do this (sold separately).

1. Remove straw by pulling it out from the bottom of the cap. Do not try to pull it out from the top or you may rip the straw.

2. Soak all parts in warm soapy water, and use the wider cap cleaning brush to get inside the cap the case. Push the brush through the hole on the bottom and on the top of the cap where the straw would go in. It will also fit nicely inside the case to scrub it out.

4. Use the thinner straw brush to clean inside the straw, using warm soapy water and enter the straw from both ends.

5. Let all parts air dry and then reassemble: Feed straw back in from the bottom (use a twisting motion to feed it out the top of cap). 


Ultra Clean:

For an Ultra DEEP clean you can actually remove the ZippyCap twisting germ shield and expose the surface under the shield to ensure it is ultra clean and germ free.


To remove and clean underneath the germ shield:

1. Twist the germ shield counter clockwise while the straw is popped out. The straw will be blocking the shield from turning- this is what you want to happen.

2. You will now need to use force to continue turning counter-clockwise and force the shield past the straw. The straw will act as a lever to push the germ shield off when you turn it far enough.

3. Now pull the straw out of the cap from the bottom.

4. You now have the case, cap, germ shield, and straw all separated for easier and deeper cleaning.


Let all parts completely dry before reassembly.

To put the germ shield back simply push it back onto ZippyCap- until you hear a satisfying snap!



You can sanitize all parts and the straw in boiling water if you like. Bring water to a boil in a small pot. Hold ZippyCap with tongs in the water for 1 minute. Use tongs to keep if from touching the bottom the pot, and slowly turn the cap upside down and around while in the pot to get water in all areas of the cap. Remove and rinse with cool water before touching. Let it drip/air dry.

To deodorize, you can soak in a vinegar and baking soda solution too. Another option for the SILICONE STRAW ONLY is to bake the straw by itself on a cookie sheet in an oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. This will kill almost any odor lingering in the straw.


Replacement Straws 

If you prefer to replace the straws with new colors or if you have just over used it over time we will be selling a 3-Pack of all our straw colors separately soon.