How To Use

Unscrew From Case

The straw will magically expand on its own! 


Push Firmly Down and Screw onto Bottle

Fits most bottles, and straw will bend to fit inside shorter ones.


Twist Open Top Germ Shield to Reveal Straw

Pull straw UP for airtight fit or DOWN to allow more airflow for carbonated drinks.


Use with Cups and Tumblers Too!

Remove the straw by pulling out from the bottom of the cap. Use separately as a standard straw.


How To Store:

Clean Straw and Cap First

Rinse it and squeegee it out if on the go. If at home we suggest to disassemble and give it a deep clean. How to clean tutorial.


Fold, Push, and Screw

Fold straw in half and then in half again. Push and tuck straw firmly into case. Push and screw securely onto case.


Store It!

Attach it to your keychain, bag, or stow it away in your car or bag!